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Pastor Charles Nemec

Pastor Michael Nemec (back left), Deaconess Christianna Nemec (back middle), Pastor Charles Nemec (back middle), Diego Nemec (back right), Grace Matthijetz (front left), and Esperanza Nemec (front right).

Pastor Nemec was born in the country of Panama where his mother is originally from. His father is from Michigan. Go Blue! In the fall of 1996, Pastor’s father began his seminary training at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. From 1998-1999 he did his vicarage in El Paso where Pastor’s sister, Grace, was born. His father graduated in 2000 and was called to be a missionary down in Panama. After two years of mission work the family returned to Fort Wayne until his father received a call to Hillsboro, TX. They moved there in 2002, and he has been the pastor there at Christ Lutheran Church ever since. In 2004, Pastor’s brother, Diego, was born.

Most of Pastor’s life was spent in Hillsboro. He graduated from Hillsboro High School in 2014 and started college at the community college in Hillsboro named Hill College. In the fall of 2015 he began to attend Concordia University in Austin, and he graduated in 2018. That same year in the fall he began his seminary training in Fort Wayne.

During his second year he met his wife Christianna who was studying to be a deaconess at the time. They started dating in November 2019, got engaged in January 2020, and got married on October 31, 2020 three months into Pastor’s vicarage. He served as vicar at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Highland, IN. During that year Pastor and Christianna lost their son, Charlie, through miscarriage. They discovered his heart stopped beating on February 18, 2021. He was 15 weeks along when he died. They will always mourn his death, but at the same time they rejoice in the hope of the resurrection of the dead on the Last Day because of what Christ has done by His death and resurrection to win eternal life for us all.

Pastor Nemec was ordained and installed at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lubbock, Texas on June 26, 2022. His wife has been serving as their deaconess since September 10, 2023. So far it has been a joy for them to serve this congregation!